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Digital Storm

Are you a serious gamer? If so, then you don’t want to be replacing your gaming PC parts every few years. Instead, you want something like a Digital Storm rig, which is built by gamers for gamers. These machines are pure gaming power. Also, they look fantastic.

When it comes to gaming PCs, there is no better brand. Digital Storm has one goal only: provide the best gaming platform possible. With custom-built PCs put together by hand, you get a setup like nothing you’ve ever had. Gaming on one of these PCs is as close to perfection as you’re going to get. But with six different builds to choose from, how do you know what to go with?

Digital Storm

Digital Storm FAQs

There’s a build for every type of gamer. But who are they? And why should you choose Digital Storm over another manufacturer, such as Dell? And if you do decide to go with them, from where do you buy it?

1. What is Digital Storm?

2. Why should I buy one?

3. How much do they cost?

4. How can I buy?

How We Reviewed

If you’re not convinced enough to drop serious cash on a serious Digital Storm desktop, then that’s okay. We’ve done the hard work for you and researched all your options. First, we checked out each Digital Storm gaming build on the company's website. Then we compared them to each other. This way we were able to determine which one is the best of 2019.

Next, we checked out some independent reviewers to see what they had to say. For this, we went to the experts at PC Mag and read their in-depth reviews of Digital Storm desktops. We also checked out what the good folks over at Tom’s Guide had to say about the best-selling Vanquish desktop.

Finally, we read through the reviews from real customers on Yelp. Because we love customer reviews, this gave us a good idea of how these PC’s hold up in the real world.

What the experts had to say

The people over at PC Mag had mostly great things to say about Digital Storm computers. They especially liked the Velox with an i7 core, naming it their Editor’s Choice for 2019. We could practically hear them salivating over its high-end graphics card which can play in VR or 4K without any issues.

And at Tom’s Guide, they called the Vanquish PC “totally worth it,”. They loved that it can handle VR without issue, is easy to upgrade, and has an excellent graphics card. Tom’s Guide didn’t like the size of this best-seller, which is much larger than the competition.

What real customers had to say

If the experts were in love with Digital Storm gaming desktops, customers felt differently. Most of the complaints had to do with Digital Storm’s after-sale support, and not the hardware itself.

First off, the machines themselves received high praise from customers. They can handle any game thrown at them, and a few of the reviewers mentioned that they are also suitable for Vlogging and video-editing. Unfortunately, it’s the customer service which is lacking. People wrote that it takes forever to get in touch with the company, and once they do, they are treated poorly by rude customer service reps. It seems that filing a warranty claim requires jumping through lots of hoops.

Digital Storm Pros and Cons

Digital Storm gaming rig

Before you decide to buy a Digital Storm desktop, remember that there are always pros and cons no matter what you’re buying. And while they may be as close to perfect as you can get when it comes to gaming desktops, they still have some drawbacks.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Extremely advanced tech
  • It will be years before you need to upgrade
  • The company dedicates itself to gaming
  • Stylish towers with customizable lighting
  • Amazing warranty
  • Competitive pricing


  • Higher-spec models come with ridiculous prices
  • Poor customer service
  • Towers are large and bulky

- Best Digital Storm Desktops of 2019 -

The best Digital Storm gaming desktops for 2019 were chosen based on the overall value they offer for their money. For instance, a liquid-cooled machine is probably not a practical choice for the average gamer, despite top-of-the-line specs. You can get great specs from a much more affordable machine and still play head-to-head against the gamer with the liquid-cooled monster.

That being said, a machine with less-than-stellar specs won’t be a great machine either, because you’re still paying a lot of money for it. So we listed the best Digital Storm desktops in order of best to worst, starting with the number one choice for 2019.

Lumos PC

The Lumos is the best Digital Storm PC of 2019. It offers the all-around best value you can get for technical specs that blow the socks off every reviewer. It may not be the cheapest PC you can buy from Digital Storm, but it’s certainly not the most expensive. 

To start, the Lumos is a next-gen machine capable of playing tomorrow’s games. It has a 1GB LAN port, and the starting model comes with 8 processor cores, but you can upgrade that to 18 cores. With between 64GB DDR and 128GB DDR memory, you are getting raw power. A 6-terabyte solid state drive means you can store practically every game you can think of, but you can also get up to 15 terabytes of HDD storage included.

Because the more expensive configurations are for workstations, you’ll do fine with a cheaper configuration. You can’t beat the Lumos. It’s the best gaming PC on the market in 2019.

Digital Storm Vanquish

If the Lumos is the best Digital Storm desktop of 2019, then the best affordable gaming desktop of 2019 is the Digital Storm Vanquish PC. Digital Storm has the best one on the market. The Vanquish was not only a favorite pick at Tom’s Guide. It’s also one of the best-selling gaming desktops in the world.

We were thrilled to see the specs you get at this amazing price point. NVIDIA Pascal architecture powers the graphics, and an Intel i7 core provides the power to fuel it. You can configure this machine from 8GB DDR to 16-GB DDR, and from a powerful Radeon RX Vega 11 graphics card to GE Force GTX 8GB graphics. Of course, upgrading the configuration will costs you a lot of money depending on the build you choose. 


If it’s pure gaming power you want, with room to customize in the future, then you can’t do better than the Velox. This was the editor’s choice at PC Mag, and while we don’t consider it the best Digital Storm desktop, we do consider it in the top three. You will undoubtedly want to upgrade this machine from its base configuration, which comes at a price.  but if you want the most powerful gaming PC you’ve ever seen, then it’s worth it.

One of the ways the Velox creates so much power is with the massive airflow vents on both the front and back of the tower. Some of the more heat-sensitive components, such as the GeForce GTX graphics card, have dedicated air intake fans. This provides superior thermals and stops the machine from slowing down to regulate heat. For power, we recommend upgrading to the Intel i9 core configuration. This includes 18 processor cores, 128-gigabyte DDR4 memory, 4 dedicated GPUs, and up to 6 terabytes of SSD storage. With this configuration, you have a monster gaming build.

Bolt Customizable PC

We have to mention the Digital Storm Bolt desktop. This certainly isn’t the best Digital Storm PC of 2019, but it is upgradeable to become a decent gaming rig. We liked the stylish tower and slim form factor of this design. The components get arranged in a way that leaves a lot of space for you to add new parts if you want. Frankly, we were a little confused about the layout, but that’s a different story. Also, the vents are on the top and bottom of the machine, which is odd but it works. 

Because the Bolt isn’t that powerful when compared its bigger Digital Storm brothers, we weren’t that impressed with it, but it is still an excellent desktop for casual gamers or those requiring a powerful workstation. It has one dedicated GPU and only six processor cores, but it's upgradeable.

Our Final Thoughts

Although there are many more Digital Storm gaming desktops to choose from, the Lumos, Vanquish, and Velox are truly the only ones you need to consider. Like we said earlier, you don’t need a liquid-cooled monster machine that costs more than a car to game. With either of these three machines, you’re getting next-generation specs and fantastic build quality.

One drawback to buying from Digital Storm is the reportedly lousy customer support. We find it extremely important to be able to rely on after-sale support. The fact that Digital Storm has not invested in this department the way Dell or Sony is famous for is a let-down. Nonetheless, Digital Storm machines are impressive, and at these prices, you can’t get anything better.

The best Digital Storm gaming PC of 2019 is the Lumos, but if you want to save some money, the Vanquish will do you just fine as well. If you want raw power for intensive gaming, go with the Velox. Either way, you won’t be disappointed!


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