Gaming Chairs: The Best and Most Recommended Available this 2018

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Gamers argue about almost everything connected with gaming, but one thing they all seem to agree on is that you will want to look at gaming chairs at some point. Gamers put thousands of intense hours into their gaming activity.

No matter what you are doing on your system, the need for comfort becomes more of a necessity as your controller and keyboard time evolves into hours rather than minutes.

Chasing space aliens, exploring the dystopian nuclear wasteland, or taking on the enemy horde just isn’t the same in a conventional desk chair. Not only will it eventually become extremely uncomfortable, but at some point, you'll need more than just a place to sit.

Maybe you’ll need one for the comfort and support they provide during long sessions. You may want to have your music playing around you while you’re on your adventure. Perhaps you merely want to feel more into the game as your body actually shakes to the explosions, car crashes, or body checks.

Whatever your preference, you’ll need a bit more info before making a purchase you may come to regret. After all, gaming chairs aren’t cheap, and some models can cost a lot of money.

In the Beginning

DXRacer developed the first true gaming chairs back in 2006. Headquartered in Michigan, the car capital of the US, DXRacer manufactured luxury sports car seats at the time. That explains why so many gaming chairs made today have the look of a racing car seat;

DXRacer set the standard and the style. However, they didn’t base the sporty style of those first gaming chairs entirely on appearance. They discovered that the basic construction techniques used in luxury sports seats for comfort over prolonged periods of time were also perfect for use in gaming chairs.

Gaming Chairs vs. Office Chairs

Gaming chair manufacturers design them with higher backs than conventional computer chairs. This increased back and shoulder muscle support permits the user to sit for extended periods of time without feeling tired. They manipulate your body into a more upright position with their shape, preventing fatigue.

You’ll also find gaming chairs more adjustable than typical office-type computer chairs. Most gaming chairs feature adjustable backs, headrests, armrests, and lumbar support. Some allow you to lean back to a full 165 degrees.

Also, most have removable armrests and a lumbar support that not only moves forward and back but up and down as well. If the computer and keyboard don't move, the chair is the only adjustable variable.

Best of the Best Gaming Chairs for 2018

Here are a some of the best of the best gaming chairs available in 2018. Perhaps you will see something you know that you want. Maybe you will see something you hadn’t previously considered until now.

Hopefully, this guide will help you identify the features most important to your gaming style that fall within your budget.





Merax Swivel Video Rocker Gaming Chair

Furmax office and gaming desk chair

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 audio gaming chair

KILLABEE Big and Tall memory foam gaming chair

OpenWheeler advanced racing simulator chair

Best Budget Model: Merax Swivel Video Rocker Gaming Chair

This Merax gaming chair has no legs, wheels, or armrests. It does, however, sit on a small attached pedestal.

Boasting of tremendous back support and comfort, its back reclining mechanism works on the same basic principle as a chaise lounge. You must bring it to the full forward position and then back to reset the ratcheting gear and then move it forward to lock it at the desired angle.

It doesn't rock, but the design allows you to tip it back and forward and swivel it a full 360 degrees as desired during gameplay.

Designed for comfort during extended gaming sessions, the Merax chair features sufficient cushioning for comfort and support. And the cotton knitted fabric cover keeps it breathable enough to prevent excess sweating.

The height of the back accommodates the average gamer, but some taller players may find it just a bit short for use as a headrest. Younger gamers will have no problems at all.

It comes in at less than 25 pounds, and the convenient design allows for folding and easy storage. While not folding absolutely flat, you can still tuck it away in a closet or out-of-the-way corner until you need it again.

Because of the simple design, you won’t need to assemble this gaming chair. Just take it out of the box, adjust the backrest, and fight those monsters! Cost: about $100.


  • Very comfortable
  • Can be used right out of the box
  • Back panel prevents sweating
  • Lightweight


  • ​Very basic unit
  • No internal speakers
  • No vibration features

Best Dual-Purpose Chair: Furmax office and gaming desk chair

If you need a more traditional chair design that also pulls double duty as a computer chair, this Furmax model will serve you well at a considerably lower price compared to most models. This high back office and gaming chair comes complete with leather bucket seat and padded armrests.

Designed with a very stable five-star base with 360-degree swivel wheels, this unit moves smoothly across any flat or carpeted surface.

The pneumatic seat-height adjustment ranges from a height of 15.75 inches to 19.69 inches. The seating area dimensions of 20.4 inches by 20.8 inches and a back-rest dimension of 20.4 inches by 28.3 inches accommodate a wide variety of gamers from children to adults.

Taller players might not find it particularly supportive. However, the weight capacity of 280 pounds means it will even accommodate heavier adults.

You can lean back easily to relax during breaks in the battle with hostile enemies or between phone calls at your work desk. The high, padded backrest and racing chair shape found in the Furmax model provides proper back alignment and neck support. Cost: about



  • Soft leather
  • Superior lumbar support
  • Low price for a stylish leather chair


  • Chair back may not be high enough
  • The seat is the least padded area of the chair

Best Value: X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 audio gaming chair

The X Rocker Pro H3 4.1 wireless audio gaming chair rates as one of the best rocker gaming chairs available at this price. It also beats out chairs with a much higher price tag. Fully packed with features and designed for comfort, this unit boasts an internal wireless bass sound system, just for starters.

Along with fully wireless compatibility, it also comes with a headphone jack, RCA outputs, and input for smartphones, MP3 players, and other music devices. The included comprehensive manual will make all these connections and controls easy to use.

The X Rocker Pro H3 4.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair features four speakers, and the subwoofers incorporate the manufacturer’s Audio Force Technology to increase sound quality. The internal speaker system will bring your body into the game as well as your mind.

If your spaceship crashes or your car runs off the road, you will, of course, feel it. Now add the vibration motors synchronized with those four internal speakers, and you’ll feel it down to your bones. But if you want a slightly less bone-rattling game experience, you can disable it from the chairs control panel.

The volume and bass controls allow you to tune your experience to your personal specifications. And not just for gaming, these same features also enhance your movie experiences. Cost: about



  • Vibration motors, additional speakers, and subwoofers.
  • Wireless technology
  • Very affordable
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Ergonomic design


  • Rather short power cord
  • Heavier than most chairs of this type

Best Overall: KILLABEE Big and Tall memory foam gaming chair

For a long time, bigger and taller gamers simply could not find a quality gaming chair to accommodate them. Sure, you could squeeze into some of them and maybe hunch down a bit to fit. You could feel the vibrations or the rumble, but the idea of gaming chairs is to be more comfortable, not less.

If you fit into that category, you know exactly what we mean. Gaming chairs, like almost everything else in life, are made for the gamer of average height, average weight, and average girth. Well, never settle again.

KILLABEE designed the Big and Tall memory foam gaming chair to accommodate larger gamers, but this isn’t a stripped-down, take-it-and-like-it unit by any means. In fact, it includes features that make it desirable by anyone.

This chair was made large. It comes in at 28.6 inches by 25.4 inches by 51.1 inches (adjustable to 53.5 inches). The seating area measures 21.7 inches by 20.5 inches, and the backrest is an accommodating 23.2 inches by 33.5 inches!

You find everything on the Big and Tall highly adjustable. Push buttons control the height of the back and the angle you can recline. KILLABEE designed the backrest to lean back an impressive 180 degrees, and it does so smoothly and in almost complete silence.

 Even the armrests are adjustable to three dimensions. You can adjust them up and down, back and forth, and right and left as well.

Thick padding covers almost the entire chair. The Big and Tall includes a headrest pillow and extra thick seat padding. The lumbar pillow comes in at just under 7 inches, and the footrest has extra padding to not only support your feet but to also help with blood flow.

We’re not talking about just any old foam cushion either. This chair boasts thick layers of memory foam that return to the original shape when you finish gaming for the night.

Reinforced by a high-grade metallic framework that holds up to 400 pounds, it's a monster. They built this chair to last, right down to the reinforced castors and explosion-proof gas spring shock-absorbing cylinder.

KILLABEE designed the Big and Tall Gaming Chair to finally let bigger and heavier gamers play for hours without the aching back and sore muscles they would normally have to endure. However, anyone looking for the most comfortable, beautiful, and adjustable gaming chair they can find will feel the many benefits this model. Cost: about $240.


  • Size and weight accommodation
  • Full-body design
  • Attractive color scheme
  • Loads of support and padding


  • Some customers had reported shipping damage issues

Best Driving Chair: OpenWheeler advanced racing simulator chair

Racing games require a very specific chair to accommodate the specialized gear needed to do it right. Dedicated controllers for the steering wheel, pedals, and shifters require platforms designed specifically for creating the ultimate driving game feel. A real driving simulator chair should come as close as possible to recreating the sensation of actually driving down the street and around the racetrack.

The OpenWheeler Advanced racing simulator chair is considered the best of its kind by driving and racing game enthusiasts. While designed beautifully for racing and driving, this chair may fall a bit short when playing other types of games. Unless you only dabble in driving games, you may be better off looking for something a bit less specific.

With red leather seats and steel-grey metal trim and shifter, it has the look and feel of something built for speed. If you want to experience high-speed driving, OpenWheeler is about as close as you will get without getting in an actual racecar. Cost: about



  • Compatible with every gaming console
  • Attractive design resembles an authentic racecar cockpit
  • Many different accessories

  • Adjustable to your specific needs
  • High-quality leather seat
  • You can mount the shifter on the left or right side


  • Only useful for driving games
  • Difficult to adjust once assembled
  • Expensive

And the Winner is...

The truth is, far too many variables come into play when trying to choose the gaming chair that leads head and shoulders above the rest. The best gaming chair for you will depend on many factors. What game are you playing, and how long does a typical session last? Do you want sensory feedback when gaming? Do you have any physical issues to consider, such as a bad back, neck problems, or poor circulation?

Barring any of these specific physical considerations, at the very minimum, your gaming chair should provide the maximum support and comfort for the amount you are willing to spend. Computer gamers consider their computer’s CPU speed, memory size, graphics card capability, and the size and resolution of the monitors. And they should.

All of these things enhance and improve the serious gaming experience. However, if you are uncomfortable, or even experiencing pain after prolonged gaming sessions, a quality gaming chair can be the best investment you can make. It can also go a long way in increasing your enjoyment and enhancing the experience.

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