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Logitech Mice: Check Out Our Top Picks Of The Best Gaming Mice This 2019

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If you're in the market for a computer mouse, Logitech is a dependable, low-cost Swiss brand with product options for every customer. Whether you're a professional looking to upgrade, a casual computer user, or a heavy-duty gamer, there's bound to be Logitech mice that suit your needs. What features you should look for when shopping for computer mice will be different for everyone, and based on your specific needs. Regardless of the type of mouse you need or want, the best products available on the market are in 2018, and you are sure to find that one specific mouse that tends to make your life easier.

Frequently Asked Questions About Logitech Mice

Even though a mouse is a basic part of most computer setups, most people still have a few unanswered questions.

With so many options on the market, and so much advertising telling you what to buy, it can be hard to decide on what type of mouse you are looking for, what features you should include, and how much you should spend.

Below, we will highlight some of the most common questions about Logitech mice.

Are There Different Types Of Mice? What Are They?

Yes! There are many types and subtypes of computer mice. Some are wired, while others are wireless.

Budget mice don't have any bells and whistles but come at a practically negligible cost.

Gaming mice typically respond extremely quickly and often feature many extra buttons, while mice aimed at business professionals and educators can do some pretty impressive tricks, such as working between multiple computers simultaneously.

Other mice are specifically designed for ergonomic support and comfort, helping heavy mouse users to avoid fatigue-based injuries.

There are even tunable mice that allow fine control over details as precise as the weight of the mouse. No matter your preferences, there's a mouse out there that is perfect for your specific needs.

What Are Some Essential Features To Look For?

Durability and longevity are key features that you should look at for every computer mouse. "DPI," or dots per inch, is also a primary feature of many Logitech mice. The DPI sensor determines the sensitivity and accuracy of the sensor.

That said, every type of mouse has particular special features. In other words, the most important features a mouse can have are needs-based and vary from customer to customer.


If you're looking for a good gaming mouse, you're going to want to make sure that lag is at the absolute bare minimum.

Often, wired Logitech mice are better for this feature, but there are excellent wireless options as well. If you're an MMO player or just need extra buttons, many gaming mice also offer multiple extra buttons, enabling greater finesse in the way you choose to play your games.

First-person shooters and other games that require fast reflexes, dexterity, and precision practically require a mouse with exceptional tracking and response.


People who do work with a keyboard and mouse can usually attest to how damaging these everyday devices can be to our bodies.

For that reason, Logitech mice aimed at working professionals often incorporate ergonomic designs to mitigate stress injuries. There are also fun features like the ability to switch between workspaces on the fly.

Casual Use

For casual users, all of those fancy features and flashing lights can be distracting and just get in the way. The average person wants a dependable, trustworthy mouse that won't break the bank. It also helps if the batteries last so long that you can't remember the last time you changed them.

Where Can You Get The Best Deals On Logitech Mice?

Any stores that sell computer hardware will sell mice, and you can bet there will be Logitech products available.

If you don't want to go to a brick-and-mortar store, it's even easier to order mice online.

Logitech has their own electronic storefront, and you'll find nearly all of their models on Amazon as well as other online computer hardware stores.

How We Reviewed

Logitech has a ton of options, and we want to be sure we're only showing you the best products to consider. We carefully compared features, consulted customer reviews, and applied personal experience to bring you this list of the best Logitech mice of 2018.

We also gave the price tag strong consideration — after all, with so many competing brands and models, you want to be sure you are getting your money's worth out of whatever product you select.

Here Are The Best Logitech Mice Of 2019

Below, we put together a carefully curated list of the best Logitech mice of 2018. We've included several types of mice to give the best sense possible of exactly what products you should be looking at.



Our Rating


Logitech Wireless Mouse M185

Logitech Wireless Mouse M185

Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse

M185 logitech mice

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

G600 logitech mice

Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse

G602 logitech mice

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

G502 logitech mice

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse

MX Anywhere logitech mice

Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse

MX Master logitech mice

Logitech Wireless Mouse M185


  • This budget mouse is available for under $$ — you can even buy a two-pack
  • Wireless; uses a tiny, convenient dongle that stays in your computer
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • Uses a single AA battery and can last up to one year without needing a battery change
  • Ready to start up out of the box, requires no assembly or software whatsoever
  • The contoured shape is natural and easy to use


  • Obviously, this mouse is very cheap, and that's a plus for anybody on a budget. For a cheap mouse, though, it certainly pulls its weight.
  •  Customers report being extremely satisfied with this mouse. It's dependable, long-lasting, and won't break the bank. If you're not looking for any special features, this might be the option for you.


  • There are some customer complaints about the center button not working after extended use, although it's not clear if the mice in question were properly cleaned and maintained.
  • Additionally, one of the biggest pros is also a drawback — this mouse is very cheap and comes with absolutely no frills. What you see is entirely what you get.


  • The M510 is the other budget option on the list and is available for $$ to $$
  • This wireless mouse makes use of the typical low-profile Logitech dongle
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • Requires two AAA batteries and lasts up to two years
  • Works out of the box with no additional software
  • Rubber side grips and a contoured shape helps to keep this mouse feeling comfortable in your hand
  • Has extra buttons, including back/forward, side to side scroll, and zoom
  • 1000 DPI sensor


  • This mouse is cheap, comfortable, and lasts practically forever between battery changes.
  • This mouse is cheap, comfortable, and lasts practically forever between battery changes.
  • It's also an Amazon's Choice product, and the vast majority of customers report being extremely pleased with their purchase.


  • Compared to other Logitech mice, the M510 has some long-term durability issues.
  • Also, like the M185, this mouse is pretty short on features compared to pricier Logitech mice.


  • For a dedicated gaming mouse, the G600 is pretty cheap, coming in at $45 to $80 depending on the seller
  • This is a wired mouse with extremely low lag and latency
  • Can store up to three game profiles onboard its own memory
  • Has a sculpted grip designed to fit your hand, but works better for people with a palm grip
  • 20 extra buttons offer incredible levels of customization, allowing you to take your MMO gaming to the next level
  • Adjustable DPI goes up to 8200 for insane levels of precision
  • Backlit LEDs let you give virtually any custom color to your mouse keys


  • It's sleek, stylish, and comes with 20 extra buttons.
  • The 8200 adjustable DPI sensor and nearly zero latency aren't anything to sneeze at, either.


  • Ergonomically, this mouse could perhaps be designed a bit better. Most user complaints stem from design and grip.


  • This gaming-grade wireless mouse will cost you $35 to $80 depending on the seller
  • Takes two AA batteries and lasts for approximately 250 hours of playtime — you can use just one battery if you prefer a lower weight
  • The sleek, stylish design is surprisingly ergonomic
  • Has 11 programmable buttons arranged intuitively
  • Two-millisecond wireless report rate virtually eliminates wireless latency
  • Offers a reasonably high 2500 DPI


  • This mouse is durable and stylish, and the 11 extra buttons go a long way to customizing your controls over virtually any game.
  • If you're in the market for a gaming mouse and have your heart set on something wireless, this option is at an approachable price point and offers a decent list of features. It's a great mouse for most gamers.


  • If you spend the same amount on a wired mouse, you'll get higher DPI, more buttons, and other fancy features as well.
  • The wireless feature comes at a cost for this gaming mouse — namely, everything else.


  • This high-precision gaming mouse typically costs from $45 to $85 depending on the seller
  • This is a wired mouse
  • Extremely comfortable design features LEDs and comes with weights that can be adjusted or removed from the bottom to precisely customize the weight and balance
  • Has 11 programmable buttons
  • Features hyper-fast scrolling, allowing you to turn infinite scroll on and off with a single click
  • Logitech's most sensitive adjustable sensor — can go up to an insane 12,000 DPI


  • Customizability is the defining feature of this mouse. It's an excellent jack-of-all-trades gaming mouse that can be configured to do pretty much anything you want it to.
  • All of the customizable features can be accessed through an easy to use partner app. It's one of the most highly reviewed Logitech mice on the market and has earned thousands of loyal customers.


  • The cost of this mouse is pretty high, and in some cases, the customizability might go a little far.
  • For example, it's hard to see what use the highest DPI settings have, and the mouse is fairly heavy even without any weights.


  • This versatile, professional-quality mouse will cost you $45 to $80 depending on the seller
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 70 days and can charge for a day's use in just a few minutes
  • Comes with Logitech's "Flow" feature, which allows you to control up to three computers at the same time
  • "Hyper-fast" scrolling feature allows you to jump through long documents quickly
  • 4000 DPI sensor can track on any surface — even glass
  • Available in several simple, sleek designs


  • Logitech Flow is an awe-inspiring feature. With the press of a button, you can jump between up to three different Windows or Mac computers. The mouse even enables file sharing between the computers, allowing you to copy/paste text and documents between them.
  • Most customers report being satisfied with virtually every feature this mouse has, and if it sounds like something you're looking for and is in your price range, it's doubtful that you'll be disappointed.


  • This is a pretty expensive mouse, and the price is only really worth it if you use multiple devices often.
  • Some people have also complained of difficulties getting the Flow feature to work properly.


  • Depending on where you buy it, Logitech's flagship mouse typically costs $75 to $100
  • This mouse also features a rechargeable battery that lasts 70 days
  • Like the MX Anywhere 2S, the MX Master 2S features Logitech Flow and can operate up to three computers at a time
  • Has an adaptive wheel that allows you to auto-scroll, hyper-scroll, and more
  • Comes with a precise 4000 DPI sensor that can track on any surface
  • Incredibly comfortable is ideal for heavy mouse users


  • Although many of the features of this mouse are the same as the MX Anywhere 2S highlighted above, it stands out in that it is far more comfortable to use for extended periods of time. It's ideal for people who have to use a mouse heavily in their workspace.


  • The primary drawback of this mouse is the cost.

So, Which Of These Logitech Mice Is The Best?

If you're looking for the best Logitech mice of 2018, the first thing you need to do is decide what you're looking for. The best all-around gaming mouse is probably the ultra-customizable G502 Proteus Spectrum. It's incredibly popular for a reason.

Meanwhile, if you need a new mouse for your workspace that tracks on any surface and works across devices, your best bet (assuming you have some spare cash) is the MX Master 2S.

Razer DeathAdder Review and Essential Information

Playing games on your computer used to be a simple affair, with games tailoring their design to the most common peripherals that came standard with most computers. As time has passed, the gaming world has advanced far beyond point-and-click play. The introduction of MMO (massive multiplayer online) and MFPS (multiple first-person shooter) games has created a need for more versatile and customizable keyboards and mice. One of the best examples of a gaming mouse for the masses is the Razer DeathAdder, the leading wired mouse from one of the top manufacturers of peripherals.

What Is the Razer DeathAdder?

The Razer DeathAdder Elite comes from a long line of gaming mice that turn the average gaming experience into a pro-level one. Razer is not coy about their commitment to raising the bar for gaming mice, giving their high-end line predator-like names such as DeathAdder, Mamba, and Basilisk. They are keen to turn average players into dedicated gamers, giving them all the customizable features they didn’t even know they needed.

The Razer DeathAdder is a wired mouse with seven buttons, a Chroma RGB interior lighting system, and a high-yield 5G optical sensor for movement tracking. Simple at first glance, this little device packs a bunch of features just below the surface. If you’re looking to get into the more advanced gaming world, the DeathAdder Elite is a perfect stepping stone to start climbing and thwarting your competition.

Product Specs

Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse: 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor -...
  • The #1 Best-Selling Gaming Peripherals Manufacturer in the US: Source - The NPD Group, Inc., U.S. Retail Tracking...
  • High-Precision 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor: Offers on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment through dedicated DPI buttons...
  • Immersive, Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting: Includes 16.8 million colors w/ included preset profiles; syncs with...

The Razer DeathAdder has fine mechanical switches on all seven buttons, and the all deliver swift and precise, rapid-read response that’s been tested for over twenty-million clicks. The body is light, coming in at just over 4.5 ounces while being tough and durable at the same time. Razer makes tough bodies for all their gaming mice, and that remains true for the Razer DeathAdder. This mouse sports a full form aluminum body with a light polymer coating for grip and control over the most precise movements.

In addition to the customizable control system and durable body, there are a few other standout features we really love about this gaming mouse. Note that this list is not all-inclusive, as the Razer DeathAdder is packed with features you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a seven-button gaming mouse.

 Advanced Optical Sensor

This is considered one of the fastest and most accurate mouse sensors on the market today, offering up to 16,000 DPI. The 5G optical sensor is rated with up to 99.4% resolution accuracy that can track at up 450 inches per second. These stats make this one of the highest-rated sensor packages on the market.

 Programmable with Razer Synapse

The Razer DeathAdder comes with Razer customization software called Synapse, which allows you to pre-program several different profiles into this mouse. You have complete control over the assignment of macros to specific buttons, and this even allows for multi-function shortcuts and timed-macro responses. This programmability can give you amazing versatility in all of your favorite games.

 Custom Lightning

The manufacturer is justifiably proud of their sixteen million-plus color system, so they packed it in into the Razer DeathAdder and gave the user full control over it. Using the Synapse application, you can customize the back-lit buttons into thousands of color combinations, a different one for every game. This feature is mostly meant to be visually appealing, adding little to the practical side of playing. Still, the RGB Chroma system simply looks beautiful.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • Corsair M65 Pro RGB-FPS Gaming Mouse
  • Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse
  • Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Gaming Mouse
Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse: 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor -...
  • The #1 Best-Selling Gaming Peripherals Manufacturer in the US: Source - The NPD Group, Inc., U.S. Retail Tracking...
  • High-Precision 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor: Offers on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment through dedicated DPI buttons...
  • Immersive, Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting: Includes 16.8 million colors w/ included preset profiles; syncs with...

Ease of Use

We really like how simple the Razer DeathAdder looks, and it packs many desirable features and customizable options into the internal software. The Synapse software can be a little tough to learn at first, but Razer is working on updates to solve the issues newer uses have identified.


There may only be seven total buttons here, but with the macro and shortcut capabilities added to the software, you can do almost anything. We really love the 16,000 DPI optical sensor. The 5G speeds through the cable give you rapid response with no "ghosting" of your button presses.

Design Quality

Razer knows how to make a good-feeling mouse. The ergonomic form of this model provides great grip all while limiting long-term fatigue. The strong body and light design work well for all types of gaming activity. The high-yield optical sensor can be adjusted for sensitivity, even giving you the ability to pre-program macros tor quick-swap between different DPI rates.


When you have fewer buttons, there are fewer buttons to break or wear out. Razer decided to go mechanical rather than digital for the internal mechanisms. Sometimes this can be a gamble because more moving parts means more long-term friction and stress. That’s not the case with this unit, though, as the Razer-specific mechanical switch system has been rated for long-term, heavy use. The mechanical system offers a life of up to fifty million clicks.


  • 16,000 DPI 5G Sensor
  • Mechanical button system
  • Quick movement response (450 IPS)


  • Only seven buttons to program
  • Synapse system is buggy
CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB - FPS Gaming Mouse - 12,000 DPI Optical Sensor -...
  • 12000 DPI high accuracy sensor: custom tuned, gaming grade sensor for pixel precise tracking
  • Aircraft grade aluminum structure: light weight, durability, and optimal mass distribution
  • Advanced weight tuning system: set the center of gravity to match your play style

If you are an avid player of first-person shooter (FPS) games, then this might be the gaming mouse for you. The Corsair M65 is tough competition for the Razer DeathAdder, especially if you like to hot-swap between different DPI profiles. Your DPI acts as the sensitivity control for each movement, so having a dedicated button for “sniping” controls is paramount when playing against other people. Combined with the ability to adjust the center of gravity using three control screws at the bottom of the mouse, you can tailor the Corsair M65 to your exact playing needs.

Ease of Use

This line of mice is made for the average gamer, taking a middle-ground approach to capabilities. You won't have a myriad of buttons to contend with; just the simple eight-button setup. When used with the associated software, you can bind whatever macros or shortcuts you want to the module.


With eight buttons and macro-suite controls, you can get a lot of customization into this gaming mouse. Our favorite standout feature here is the tactile weight balancing that allows you to adjust the center of gravity on the actual mouse. When used in tandem with the sniper button, you can set your sensitivity and DPI adjustments exactly where you want.

Design Quality

It’s tough to match the design of the Razer DeathAdder, but Corsair makes a good effort with the M65. The high-capacity Omron switches from Corsair give rapid feedback for up to twenty million clicks, a high-end standard for this type of mouse. The movement sensor can be adjusted up to 12,000 DPI and hot-swapped to different sensitivities with a click of the sniper button.


With an aircraft-grade frame made of aluminum and Omron switches on all buttons, this is a tough, yet light, gaming mouse. Made for long campaigning, the durable frame and low weight make playing for hours easy and reliable.


  • Well-placed sniper button
  • Light and sturdy frame
  • Advanced weight tuning


  • Only eight buttons
  • Lower DPI than the competition
Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, RGB Backlit, 20 Programmable Buttons
  • 20 MMO tuned buttons: Includes unique 12 button thumb panel designed for quick, no look navigation; The low friction...
  • G shift ring finger button: Instantly double the number of actions you can perform with every button. PTFE Feet: 250-km...
  • Built for comfort: Sculpted shape and tuned buttons reduce click fatigue during marathon multiplayer sessions; G8 cycle...

Logitech has fine-tuned the G600 specifically for MMO games, but that doesn’t mean it won’t enhance your FPS play as well. With a total of twenty programmable buttons, including the coveted twelve-key side panel, you can customize this device like never before. The easy-glide feet make movement a breeze, giving you full ergonomic support and a solid weight that feels good in the hand. There is also onboard memory, so you can store up to three different user profiles on the actual mouse.

Ease of Use

This gaming mouse is not for the average player. The twenty total programmable buttons aren’t tricky on their own, but adding in the G-Shift button on the ring-finger panel, you can double the number of actions programmable into each button. This is an awesome feature for anyone that likes to grind with timed-macros or shortcuts. The combinations can be difficult to remember, so the overall capabilities might go beyond what most gamers need.


Everything it sacrifices in ease of use, the Logitech G600 makes up for in the suite of features. Using the provided Logitech programming software, you can bind almost any commands to all twenty buttons on the mouse. Add in the G-Shift button and you can program as many as 40 different single-button combinations.

Design Quality

The design is comfortable because of its great weight and balance for movement. The specially formatted fit make gliding over any solid surface easy. With the onboard memory, you can plug in and play using almost any gaming computer. There is no need to drag along your software and import your custom button configurations.


Logitech has been making computer and gaming peripherals for a long time, and that experience shows with the G600. Solid design and reliable hardware make this a great mouse for the long haul. Logitech makes a heavier product than some, but that just adds to the balance and strength of the only real moving part of your mouse.


  • G-Shift button
  • Great weight and balance
  • Onboard memory for profile storage


  • Button count can overwhelm
  • Steep learning curve on programming
RAZER MAMBA TOURNAMENT EDITION: 16,000 Adjustable DPI - Ergonomic Form...
  • Boasting the world’s most precise 16,000 DPI gaming mouse sensor, the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition provides you with...
  • With its ability to track up to 1 DPI increments and a lift-off cut-off distance as precise as 0.1 mm, the Razer Mamba...
  • Designed for a natural hand position, the Razer Mamba boasts impressive ergonomics that reduce stress on your fingers...

Following in fine Razer tradition, we have another snake-themed gaming mouse: the Mamba. This is the most expensive mouse we looked at for this review, and that’s only for the wired model.

This is a solid gaming mouse with amazing programmable capabilities. This particular model is made to work well with other Razer peripherals, especially the Chroma line of Synapse-ready gaming keyboards. That’s not to say this mouse doesn’t play well with others, as the full suite of custom programming through Synapse 2 makes it an easy fit into most hardware profiles.

Ease of Use

This is a perfect example of a well-tuned gaming mouse you can grow into. The nine programmable buttons give you the flexibility to ease into macros and multi-key shortcut programming. Though the programming application used for all Razer peripherals, Synapse 2, is a little buggy at times, the interface is clear and easy to understand.


The nine buttons are great, but they aren’t the typical full twelve-key set that most gaming mice have. The ability to customize the macros to each button is excellent, but that's a common feature we find on most gaming mice. The Chroma coloring system is neat, but purely aesthetic, with no real impact on game-play or overall performance of the mouse.

Design Quality

The ergonomic design fits well in your palm and helps fight long-term fatigue. Razer takes a lot of pride in their designs, and that shows in the attention to detail here. The laser optical sensor in this unit is top-of-the-line, offering 16,000 DPI with the ability to track a base level of 1 DPI increment at a time. This feature gives the Mamba an insane level of accuracy, even for full lift-off and cut-off moves. It provides tolerance as precise as one-tenth of a millimeter.


Wired mice are always different animals from their wireless counterparts; when the battery is out of the equation, everything seems to run much better. The Chroma system is reliable and looks great through the life of the mouse. The hardware is fantastic and as reliable as it gets. We wish the accompanying software offered the same quality, however. The Synapse 2 system is sometimes buggy, suffering some restart and data retention issues. But, since this is a hardware review, and we know Razer is working on updating Synapse, we can still give the Mamba high marks.


  • Laser sensor with 16,000 DPI
  • Full Chroma capabilities
  • Comfortable grip and fit


  • Only nine total buttons
  • Synapse software for programming is buggy

The Razer DeathAdder: Final Verdict

Black and silver gaming mouse

​Image via Pexels

If you’re looking for a durable, customizable, and comfortable gaming mouse, The Razer DeathAdder Elite is the one for you. The strong mechanical button system combined with a high-end optical sensor make it reliable and easy to use. The full Synapse capabilities make it possible to program the DeathAdder individually for every game and every player. We highly recommend this gaming mouse for the beginning or intermediate player who is ready to get into the world of more serious gaming.

Asus Monitors: The Best Models for Both General and Gaming Use

Asus monitors

Whether it's for gaming or general use, there are hundreds of PC monitors to select from. When looking for the best overall monitor, Asus monitors might be what you're after when upgrading. With monitors specifically for gaming, multimedia, basic computing, and multipurpose use, there's something for every consumer.

When choosing a monitor, you're looking for dependability, clarity, and great resolution. Especially for gamers who want clean, crisp, fast-paced action, without compromising on the quality. For those using a monitor for multimedia purposes, from developing videos to work projects, precision and dependability are key. You don't have to pay thousands of dollars to find the best monitor. You don't even have to spend several hundred on a great monitor. Knowing what to look for is the starting point for finding the perfect PC monitor.

asus monitors

How to Select Asus Monitors

When comparing Asus monitors, consumers have to decipher between the different resolutions, quality, and sizes available. Depending on the use, budget, and quality they require, each consumer will choose something different. Additionally, where they plan on setting up the monitor will affect their decision. And, if they plan on using multiple monitors, this will also impact the decision when choosing among different Asus monitors.

ASUS VE248H 24' Full HD 1920x1080 2Ms HDMI DVI VGA Back-Lit LED...


The uses consumers intend on utilizing the Asus monitors for will significantly impact which ones they choose to purchase. Someone using it for web browsing won't spend as much as a gamer looking for the best graphics available. Before selecting the best monitor, it's essential to break down intended uses, to find the best fit.

Basic Computing

For browsing the web and checking emails, most people don't need a high-performance monitor. Something that is 23 inches to 24 inches is more than sufficient for most users. There are many monitors in this price range for an affordable price. Consumers will often find many HD monitors in the lower end range for general, everyday use.


LED or IPS monitors are typically good options for versatile use. Watching videos, listening to music, doing work, or video conferencing are some things owners will do with their monitor.

Both LED or IPS monitors with full HD, are great options for multipurpose use. Monitors that are 27 inches or larger are also great for entertainment centers.


High speeds, sharp graphics, and FreeSync technologies are some features to look for in gaming Asus monitors. A refresh rate of 60 Hz or faster and a wide horizontal viewing angle are some nice features to look for also. NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards and rapid synchronization rates will guarantee the best performance possible for gaming monitors.

Multimedia and professional use

Multimedia professionals, videographers, or cinematographers might benefit from these Asus monitors. A professional monitor is essential for those who work in this field of content creation. Full or Quad HD resolution and an IPS panel are some features to consider. With IPS, deeper blacks, wider viewing angles, and more accurate color depictions are visible on the screen. A response time of 5 ms or less is also a nice feature to look for in a new monitor.

Asus Monitors Size

The types of uses consumers have in mind for their Asus monitors will determine the size they choose. For graphics-related purposes, larger monitors are a better option. Playing games, recording or editing, and watching a video, is easier to do on larger screen sizes. For those who do a lot of work on their PC, multiple monitors, and larger screens are also advisable. If working at a desk, smaller monitors, below 34 inches, is the right size to consider purchasing.

ASUS VE248H 24' Full HD 1920x1080 2Ms HDMI DVI VGA Back-Lit LED...

Asus Monitors Resolution

The resolution of Asus monitors is also important to ensure the best quality viewing on screen. Depending on the intended uses of the new monitor, the chosen resolution will vary for each consumer.


For 21 to 24-inch monitors, this resolution is perfect. It affords reasonable clarity on screen, and the color depiction is excellent on smaller screen sizes. They're comparable to 4K monitors, as long as consumers choose the right monitor size.


This monitor is great for gamers. It offers higher resolution quality and clarity than a 1080p monitor. It isn't extremely taxing on a graphics card either, which is a nice feature for gaming enthusiasts. The refresh rates are also greater than 1080p and these monitors are cheaper than 4K and 5K resolutions.

​4k and 5k

Consumers always want the latest and best Asus monitors available. The quality of 4K is far greater than 1080p monitors but require a much more powerful graphics card to run games at their full potential on these monitors. 5K monitors aren't yet the mainstream option, although they are one of the latest technologies available. High prices and limited information about performance are reasons consumers are hesitant to spend so much to upgrade.

Curved vs. Flat Screen Asus Monitors

Deciding between a curved or flat screen Asus monitors is another decision consumers must make. When choosing a monitor, it's best to be able to view everything without turning your head. For anything more substantial than 27 inches, curved monitors are the best option, particularly for gaming and movies.

ASUS VE248H 24' Full HD 1920x1080 2Ms HDMI DVI VGA Back-Lit LED...

How We Reviewed the Top Asus Monitors

We compared Asus monitors based on resolution, size, curved vs. flat, and consumer ratings. In our reviews, we include pricing, as well as reviews written by owners of those monitors. We also cover the product features and specifications. Additionally, we break down monitors in gaming and general use categories. All of this information allows consumers to find the best monitor for a price they can afford.

The Best Asus Monitors Available

Before choosing the best Asus monitors, it's important to consider several models. Additionally, consumers should decide if they're for general use or gaming use. These are a few of the best options, in both categories.

 General Use

These are the monitors for people working at home or in an office. They won't be the biggest and best because they're not supposed to be. When you only need a ride to the office, you don't get a Lamborghini, you get something a lot less flashy.

4.2 out 5 stars

ASUS VE228H 21.5" Full HD 1920x1080 HDMI DVI VGA Back-lit LED Monitor,...
  • Slim Design 21.5 Inch Wide Screen LED display with 1920x1080 Resolution and Quick 5 ms response time delivering smooth...
  • Aspect Control function allows users to select a preferred display mode among Full and 4:3 for true to life gaming or...
  • Dual Inputs of D sub and DVI with HDCP Supported and Built In 1W X 2 Speaker enable audio enjoyment together with true...

This VGA, backlit LED monitor, features a 1920X1080p resolution. With HDMI ports and slim profile, the monitor easily fits onto any desk or entertainment center. The 170-degree horizontal and 160-degree vertical viewing angles ensure optimal resolution and clarity on screen.

Several display modes are available including 4:3 and gaming. It is the perfect monitor for general use, emailing, or web browsing. The smaller screen also makes it easy to set in a small office, without taking up much desk space. Video intelligence technologies maximize the viewing enjoyment also.

One reviewer complains of a hissing noise that occurs when they connect anything to the audio output jack. They also note that Asus support wasn't helpful in resolving the issue.

The average ratings are 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

4.2 out 5 stars

ASUS VE248H 24" Full HD 1920x1080 2Ms HDMI DVI VGA Back-Lit LED...
  • Slim design 24 inches lcd with led backlit display with 1920x1080 resolution and quick response time of 2ms (gtg)...
  • Inputs of d sub, dvi and HDMI and built in 1w x 2 speaker
  • Aspect control function allows users to select a preferred display mode among full and 4:3 for true to life gaming or...

This 24-inch Asus monitor features 1920X1080 resolution. It is backlit, LCD, with LED display resolution. A quick response time of 2 ms ensures no lagging in video resolution or quality streaming. GTG (grey to grey) eliminates ghosting and tracers, to provide fluid playback and streaming.

HDMI, D-sub, and DVI inputs allow owners to connect multiple peripherals also. The video intelligence technologies instantly optimize color, brightness, sharpness, and contrast on the screen. This feature ensures the monitor always looks its best, in any light or dark settings.

Quality might be a concern with this monitor. One reviewer notes their monitor came with a dead pixel which is noticeable while in use.

The average ratings are 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

3.9 out 5 stars

ASUS Designo MZ279HL 27” 1080P IPS Eye Care Height Adjustable...
  • 27” Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS monitor with a wide 178° viewing angle with dual HDMI and VGA for extensive...
  • Stereo 3W speakers with ASUS SonicMaster for well-balanced Audio and deep rich bass. Brightness(Max) - 250 cd/㎡....
  • Ultra-slim frameless design with minimalist desktop footprint fits perfectly into any living space

The monitor features 1920 x 1080 27” Full HD resolution. It also has an IPS screen and comes with built-in Bang and Olufson speakers. The HDMI ports and frameless design create an elegant finish throughout the monitor.

The full-HD and 178-degree wide viewing angle ensure owners see everything as it should be on screen. It features an ultra-slim display and the ergonomic design fits anywhere seamlessly. The round base also keeps the monitor in place on uneven surfaces.

One reviewer claims there are manufacturer flaws with this product. They note that white and purple horizontal and vertical lines on the screen distort image resolution and quality.

The average ratings are 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

4.3 out 5 stars

Asus VZ239H-W 23" Full HD 1080P IPS HDMI VGA Eye Care Monitor White...
  • 23" Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS monitor with a wide 178° viewing angle. Flexible connectivity with HDMI and VGA ports
  • Stereo 1.5W speakers provide spacious sound while eliminating the need for external speakers. Not VESA mount compatible.
  • 0.27" Ultra Slim, white and silver body with frameless design is great for multi-monitor viewing in style

The 1080p IPS monitor is 23 inches and features full HD resolution. It features a 178-degree wide viewing angle, allowing owners to see everything clearly on the screen. The 1.5W speakers, eliminate the need for additional, external speakers when using the monitor.

VGA and HDMI ports, provide owners with flexibility when connecting peripherals to the device. The Asus eye care technology eliminates flicker and blue light filters. This feature reduces eye fatigue when working for multiple hours on the device.

Reviewers indicate the screen looks good and is a great size. This reviewer, however, notes the Asus eye care technology doesn't help much. They state they feel pain in their eyes after using the monitor for short periods.

The average ratings are 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


These are the monitors when you want to see every glorious detail of your enemies' base exploding as you drop a nuke on it from orbit. With the sharpest graphics, most vivid colors, and fastest refresh rates, you'll feel like you're really in the game. They're not all Lamborghinis, but every one of them is a hot rod.

3.9 out 5 stars

ASUS ROG Swift 27-inch 144Hz G-SYNC Gaming 3D Monitor [PG278Q] 1440p,...
  • 27" 2560 x 1440 Gaming Display with fast 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and NVIDIAG-SYNC technology
  • ASUS Eye care technology with TUV certified Flicker free for less Eye fatigue; Ergonomically-designed stand with...
  • Exclusive GamePlus onscreen timer/crosshair, 60-120-144Hz refresh rate turbo key

This 27-inch monitor features 1 ms refresh rate and 2560X1440 resolution. It also features G-sync technologies with display and HDMI ports. An overclocked refresh rate up to 165 Hz and Kensington lock ensures the best security imaginable also.

The NVIDIA G-sync technology guarantees crisp colors and minimal lag times when gaming at fast speeds. It eliminates screen tearing and stuttering while playing action-packed games.

Despite it's high rating, one reviewer claims the picture quality is horrible. They indicate that for gaming, or general use, the monitor isn't a good option. That's especially true with the high price tag.

 The average ratings are 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

4.1 out 5 stars

ASUS 35” Curved Gaming Monitor UWQHD 1440p 100Hz DP HDMI Eye Care...
  • 35" Uwqhd (3440 x 1440) 1800R curved monitor with 100Hz and adaptive Sync/free Sync for immersive, smooth gaming with...
  • Enhanced customization featuring ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting on the back and LED lighting projection in the base....
  • Marathon ready with swivel, tilt and height adjustability and VESA Mount so you can always find your ideal viewing...

A large, 35-inch gaming monitor ensures gamers see everything as they should while blowing their enemies to smithereens. Images pop off the screen and the curved angles help immerse players in the on-screen experience.

The Free-sync and 1440p resolution provide crisp details and great color definition. The 1800R curved monitor and 100 Hz adaptive sync guarantee smooth gaming experiences. The swivel tilt and height adjustability components help create an immersive gaming experience.

Reviewers indicate issues with screen tearing and resolution. In this review, the gamer notes at 60 Hz, they were experiencing this issue.

The average ratings are 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

4.3 out 5 stars

ASUS 23-inch Full HD Wide-Screen Gaming Monitor [VX238H] 1080p, 1ms...
  • Elegant sundial-inspired design 23-inch with Full HD LED monitor
  • ASUS Eye care technology with Flicker free for less Eye fatigue. Audio Features - Stereo Speakers : 1.5W x 2 Stereo RMS
  • Delivers brilliant visual quality with an extremely fast 1ms response time for smooth motion playback in videos, movies,...

This monitor features Full HD and 1080p resolution. The 1 ms refresh rate minimizes lag and distortion on the screen. It has the Asus eye-care technology also, to reduce fatigue and enhance the gaming experience.

Dual HDMI ports allow owners to connect peripherals while gaming. The built-in speakers also eliminate the need for external speakers. Asus smart contrast ratios also help bring games, video, and images to life on the monitor.

One reviewer claims the monitor worked well initially. However, after two years of ownership, it stopped working, and Asus wasn't responsive in assisting with replacement/repairs.

The average ratings are 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

4 out 5 stars

ASUS MG28UQ 4K/UHD 28-Inch FreeSync Gaming Monitor
  • 28 inches 4K/UHD panel delivers superior resolution for maximum visual quality and immersion; Brightness(Max) : 330...
  • ASUS Eye care technology with TUV certified Flicker free and Blue Light Filter for less Eye fatigue; Ergonomically...
  • 1ms response time and Adaptive Sync technology ensures smooth visuals and responsive control; Inputs of HDMIx2,...

This monitor is 28 inches and features Free-sync technologies. The 4K UHD panel delivers superior resolutions and crisp, clean images on the screen. Asus eye-care technology minimizes fatigue when playing for long periods at a time.

It features a swivel base, and owners can tilt the monitor to enhance viewing angles while playing. Adaptive-sync technology guarantees smooth visuals and minimizes lag on screen. It also comes with the Asus Rapid Replacement three-year warranty.

One reviewer notes they aren't happy with the quality and resolution. They indicate the lack of picture mode and image setting options is a drawback of this monitor.

The average ratings are 4.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Our Verdict: The Best Gaming and General Use Asus Monitors

When purchasing Asus monitors, consumers should consider several varieties. Depending on intended use, there are several great monitors to select. For those looking for a general use monitor, the best one is the ASUS Designo MZ279HL. The large 27-inch screen size and Bang & Olufson audio is a nice built-in feature for users. It features HDMI ports and a frameless design, along with the 1920X1080 resolution. Images are crisp and clear, and fast refresh rates allow users to watch or stream video. For a general use monitor, it is affordable, especially given the larger screen size. The IPS resolution also minimizes lag or color distortion while using the monitor.

If you're looking for the best Asus monitors for gaming, go with the Asus Full HD 23-inch monitor. Although it is only 23 inches, it has excellent ratings, and the price is affordable. Full HD, 1080p resolution, and a 1 ms refresh rate compared to monitors that are more than double the price. It features flicker-free, Asus eye care technologies, also. This feature minimizes fatigue on the eyes when gaming for long periods at a time. It features HDMI ports and built-in speakers. For the price, gamers are in for a treat as they load up their favorite game and set their eyes on overload.

Asus ZenWatch 2 Review: Full Specifications

ASUS ZenWatch 2

Smartwatches like the Asus ZenWatch 2 are getting more and more popular. Did you know that by 2021, there will be close to 81 million smartwatches sold all over the world? This number is 1.67 times more than the estimates of 48.2 million smartwatches that consumers will buy before the end of 2019.

The Asus ZenWatch 2 is a second generation smartwatch. Since it launched, many manufacturers introduced a long list of smartwatches to the market. Does it make sense to buy the Asus ZenWatch 2 today?

Asus ZenWatch 2

At its very core, a smartwatch is nothing more than a timepiece that has connectivity features. Imagine a traditional watch that can connect to your smartphone or the internet. It can do stuff that old watches cannot, such as allowing you to know if your phone is ringing, what the weather will be like, and all the other information that you can get from your phone.

Some smartwatches merely serve as a second screen for your smartphone. Others work like mini-computers on your wrist. Where does the Asus ZenWatch 2 fall?

ASUS ZenWatch 2 Silver with Beige Leather Strap 37mm Smart Watch with...

Specifications and features of the Asus ZenWatch 2

The Asus ZenWatch 2 impresses with its luxury looks at budget-friendly prices. It also uses Wear OS, or Android Wear, as an operating system, ensuring an assortment of useful features for its users. When it comes to the design of the Asus ZenWatch 2, the Taiwanese manufacturer certainly gives you the power to choose the perfect look for yourself. For instance, there are two sizes available for the Asus ZenWatch 2. You can select from a screen that measures 1.63 inches or 1.45 inches.

The stainless steel case also comes in three colors, such as silver, rose gold, or gunmetal. Further, the Asus ZenWatch 2 uses interchangeable watch bands that can help you mix up your smartwatch's looks. Rubber, metal, and leather bands are available in a variety of colors.

On top of all these design elements, the Asus ZenWatch 2 also offers you dozens of watch faces. You can choose from readily made watch faces that Asus created for its smartwatches. If you cannot find one that you like you can design your own using the FaceDesigner app. This app will allow you to get the watch face design you like that features only the functions you want to include.

The face has a square shape, while the edges are round to make it appear smooth and sleek. There is also a crown on the right side of the watch. This crown makes your Asus ZenWatch 2 look like traditional watches, while also providing you with an intuitive way to interact with your device.


The Asus ZenWatch 2 uses a touch display with very vibrant colors. The 1.63-inch display comes with resolutions of 320 x 320 pixels, while the smaller 1.45-inch screen has a resolution of 280 x 280 pixels. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protects the AMOLED screen, making it scratch resistant and more durable.

Two-way communication

The Asus ZenWatch 2 has an embedded microphone and speaker that gives the smartwatch a whole range of features that might otherwise be missing. For instance, you can make or receive phone calls from your wrist. Or you can use the Smart Assistant feature.

ASUS ZenWatch 2 Silver with Beige Leather Strap 37mm Smart Watch with...

Smart Assistant

The Smart Assistant listens to your voice commands. It will gather the information you need and will show you the essential alerts from your friends on social media. It can also remind you of your flights and meetings, or help you find your way on the road.

You can also use your ZenWatch 2 as a remote button for your smartphone's camera, to find your lost phone, or to unlock your phone using your smartwatch. Lastly, it will remind you to take your phone with you if you are going out of the house.

ZenWatch Message

On top of the voice-related functions, you can also enjoy the ZenWatch Message feature that allows you to send short messages, drawings, and emojis to your contacts. You can do all of these without having to take your phone out of your bag or pocket.

Fitness tracking

The Asus ZenWatch 2 uses a six-axis accelerometer that can count your steps. It can also track your sleep quality and sleep patterns. You can get progress reports to see how close you are to your fitness goals as well.

Other features

The Asus ZenWatch 2 has either a 300 mAh or 400 mAh battery, depending on the display size you choose. The battery gives you enough juice to wear your watch for a whole day. If you are in a hurry, but your smartwatch is out of power, you can rely on the ZenWatch 2's HyperCharge feature. With this feature, you only need 15 minutes to get to a 60 percent charge.

The Asus ZenWatch 2 has a waterproof rating of IP67, making it safe for you to wear in the rain or even if you drop it in water up to 3.28 feet deep.

ASUS ZenWatch 2 Silver with Beige Leather Strap 37mm Smart Watch with...

Ratings and Reviews

Verified buyers love the styling and design of the ZenWatch 2, as well as the features it offers. There are some critical reviews, however. People complained about the warranty, and how difficult it was to deal with the company's customer service. Some people also complained about some features such as the problems when making calls, or the touchscreen suddenly becoming unresponsive.

On Amazon, the ASUS ZenWatch 2 receives a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. Customers love the fast charging times they get on this watch, as well as the AMOLED screen and a host of features. However, there are complaints about how unreliable the ZenWatch 2 is and its shoddy build. There were also gripes about the warranty.

Notable blogs and review sites, however, give the Asus ZenWatch 2 a generally high rating. For instance, TechRadar rates it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, citing improvements seen in the ZenWatch 2 when compared with the original. Meanwhile, AndroidAuthority.com gives it a rating of 8.7 out of 10 stars, grading the software and performance the highest.

How We Reviewed

To write this review, we checked out Asus' product page for the ZenWatch 2, as well as its specifications sheet. We also checked a variety of sales pages for the device on online retail sites such as Amazon and Best Buy. For a real-life look at these products, we also considered consumer reviews as well as the opinions written by consumer technology sites such as TechRadar, Android Authority, and ZDNet.

We used a similar process when looking at competitors of the Asus ZenWatch 2.

How It Compares to Competitors

There is no shortage of competitors when it comes to smartwatches. It is a market that is overflowing with devices of various makes, from different manufacturers, and using different operating systems. For the Asus ZenWatch 2, it uses Wear OS as its operating system. How does it compare to the Fitbit Blaze, Apple Watch Series 3, and Samsung Gear S3, all of which use different operating systems?

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Black, Silver, Small (5.5 - 6.7...
  • See simplified heart rate zones for quickly checking exercise intensity during workouts with PurePulse (continuous,...
  • Use multi sport tracking to track runs, cardio, cross training, biking and more; Effortlessly and automatically record...
  • Enable connected GPS to map your routes and see run stats like pace and duration on display (when your phone is nearby)

The Blaze is Fitbit's first foray into the smartwatch market. But if you look closely, you will realize that the Fitbit Blaze is more of a cross between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. Fitness trackers are what Fitbit has a reputation for, but the Blaze does not slack off when it comes to smartwatch features.

The Fitbit Blaze is very comfortable to wear, and it has a readable screen. You might also like that the Blaze has optional accessories that make an already attractive watch look even better. It also has a longer lasting battery life, which lasts for at least four days.

Compared to the Asus ZenWatch 2, the Fitbit Blaze will look like a toy. The appearance is really where the Fitbit Blaze falters because of its pop-out smartwatch design. The charging experience is also better on the ZenWatch 2. However, the Fitbit Blaze has a longer battery life and better sensors for fitness tracking than the ZenWatch.

The Fitbit Blaze also uses the company's operating system, which might mean that you might have fewer apps available to you. Being able to download apps is essential to consider because the onboard apps on the Blaze are not that good, unlike the apps you have for the Asus smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 3, GPS, Space Gray Black Sport Band, 42mm, For...
  • Apple Watch Series 3 42mm GPS ONLY
  • MQL12LL/A Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sports Band
  • Built-in GPS and GLONASS

A smartwatch review will almost always mention the Apple Watch Series 3 in some way. Apple's third foray in the smartwatch world gives us a watch that also has fitness tracking, music syncing, and cellular connectivity. The Apple Watch 3 has a variety of sensors, including GPS, GLONASS, barometric altimeter, heart rate sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and ambient light sensor.

There are very few things that the Apple Watch 3 cannot do. If a feature is on a smartwatch, chances are the Apple Watch 3 has a version of that functionality. Materials used for the Apple Watch 3 include aluminum, stainless steel, and ceramic for the casing, while watch bands come in rubber, leather, and metal.

A majority of the reviewers loved this smartwatch because of how good it looks, as well as improved features and more functionality compared to earlier versions of the Apple Watch.

However, there are complaints about the battery life, which is worse when the GPS is on or when you are making calls. Others found it disappointing that the Apple Watch 3 does not work on Android phones. Plus, it is more expensive than most other smartwatches on the market.

The Apple Watch 3 outshines the Asus ZenWatch 2 in every aspect. There are only two reasons why you will want to buy a ZenWatch 2 instead of an Apple Watch 3. First, the Apple Watch 3 has a price that is two to three times more expensive than the ZenWatch 2. The second reason is that you do not own an iOS phone or tablet.

SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch (Bluetooth), SM-R760NDAAXAR
  • A distinctive steel bezel that you can rotate to access apps and notifications, strap with buckle: 2.76 inches, large...
  • Text, call and get notifications directly from your watch through your bluetooth connected smartwatch. Battery charging...
  • Make payments with Samsung pay almost anywhere you swipe or tap a credit card; Battery type and Size: 380mAh Li ion

The Samsung Gear S3 is the South Korean electronics manufacturer's entry in the smartwatch arena. One of the first things you will notice about the Samsung Gear S3 is its exhaustive list of features. Samsung has made sure that you will find everything you need in a smartwatch in the Gear S3.

This smartwatch allows you to pay from your wrist and can connect to LTE-compliant networks. You might love how the design looks like it involved a lot of research. The Samsung Gear S3 is visually stunning, plus it has a spinning bezel that you can use to interact with the watch.

You can buy the Samsung Gear S3 from a variety of online retail sites. The Samsung Gear S3 sells for a bit costly price.

Compared to the Asus ZenWatch 2, the Samsung Gear S3 is bigger. It has an attractive design, and you can opt for a Wi-Fi or cellular version.

You can even pay from your wrist. But all of those conveniences cannot make up for the Samsung Gear S3's lack of mobile apps. The smartwatch runs on Tizen OS. The use of this operating system means that it might be difficult to find your needed mobile apps.

Pros and Cons

The Asus ZenWatch 2 runs on Wear OS. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor along with 512 MB of memory. With this configuration, it means that it has the same OS, processor, and memory as other smartwatches launched at around the same time. Because Google does not allow too many modifications when a manufacturer uses its operating system, you can expect that the performance of this smartwatch is pretty middle of the road when compared to similar Wear OS devices.

It is for this reason that you will like that you can customize your Asus ZenWatch 2 with exclusive watch faces and mobile apps from the manufacturer in addition to its choices of display size, watch bands, and case colors. You will also love how light the Asus ZenWatch 2 feels on your wrist. You might forget about it after a few hours, but it is there tracking your fitness, acting as your assistant, or just sitting pretty on your wrist.


  • ​Powerful processor
  • Good memory
  • Can be customized with exclusive watch faces
  • Variety of display size, bands and case colors


  • A bit pricey
  • You might forget about it after a few hours

What may be better

With other smartwatches having a battery that lasts for several days on a single charge, the Asus ZenWatch 2 really pales in comparison. You will need to charge it almost on a daily basis. Design-wise, the Asus ZenWatch 2 wastes a lot of real estate on the watch face by putting a large bezel to surround the display.

What's more, there are concerns that the device has limited compatibility with iOS devices. While you can pair the Asus ZenWatch 2 with your iPhone, you have fewer features to work with.

Should You Buy the Asus ZenWatch 2 in 2019?

When it comes to features, you expect that the Asus ZenWatch 2 to be similar to all other smartwatches with the same Wear OS operating system. The Asus ZenWatch 2, however, really excels in giving you a beautiful smartwatch. Not only does it have an expensive look at a very budget-friendly price, but it also comes with its own exclusive apps and watch faces.

When you compare it to other smartwatches, you appreciate it even more. When it comes to fitness, the Asus ZenWatch 2 will bow down to Fitbit Blaze. The Blaze has more fitness tracking features that it does quite excellently. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch 3 can rival the premium looks of the ZenWatch 2, but it is very pricey. Further, the Samsung Gear S3 offers more features than the ZenWatch 2. However, its use of the proprietary Tizen OS makes it less attractive because of the limited number of apps available for it.

So, should you buy the Asus ZenWatch 2? Yes, because you will love the Asus ZenWatch 2 and its perfect mix of features, looks, and low price.

Dell Inspiron 15: We Give You Its Specs And Everything You Need To Know

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Series

If you are looking for a laptop, you will undoubtedly come across Dell Inspiron 15. Dell is currently the third best when it comes to laptop brands, according to LaptopMag.com. Is it any wonder that it is a popular option for most people?

 The Dell Inspiron 15 has several offerings that cater to your every need. You can choose a model according to your budget, required speed, desired processing power, or other preferred specs. Should you buy the Dell Inspiron 15 and if you do, which model should you choose?

What to Expect from the Dell Inspiron 15

Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (6th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-6300HQ...
  • Intel i5-6300HQ 2.3 GHz Quad-Core (6M Cache, Turbo up to 3.2 GHz)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5
  • 8 GB DDR3L / 256 GB Solid-State Drive

The Dell Inspiron 15 is a line of laptops for home use. The company has designed these laptops to be able to withstand temperatures of up to 149 degrees F. Dell has also made sure that the hinges and keys would last you for a long time.

The company claims that commonly tapped on keys would be good for 10 million keystrokes while you can press the buttons on the touchpad a million times.

Even the base lid is certified to be wear-free. The entire system has undergone life testing to ensure that it will last more than 10,000 hours. All of these stress tests guarantee that the Dell Inspiron 15 is very durable.

The Dell Inspiron 15 also offers you a world of choices when it comes to specs. From having a budget-friendly model to being able to select the latest and fastest processors, to choosing the storage and memory capacity you need, there is a Dell Inspiron 15 flavor for you.

How We Reviewed

In writing this review, we examined all the laptops belonging to the Dell Inspiron 15 line.

We took the specs and marketing copy in consideration and augmented it with Amazon.com reviews, as well as expert opinions from other credible sites such as CNET and TechRadar. Lastly, we talked to a Dell chat support agent for more information and further clarifications.

Pros and cons

One thing about the Dell Inspiron 15 that people would indeed like is that they have a lot of options. You can get one for as low as $230 or less, or you can get the speed and performance that you need with the 7000 Series models. You can also customize the specifications for your laptop to fit your needs. Also, among the different laptop lines offered by Dell, the Inspiron has the best aesthetics.

The Dell Inspiron, however, is meant for home users or those who work in a home office. If you want a business laptop with built-in security features, the Dell Latitude is the ideal choice.

The Dell Inspiron 15 also has short battery life. For instance, the Dell Inspiron 15 7570 lasts less than five hours on standby. Connecting it to Wi-Fi and doing some surfing on the Web would cut the battery life to less than two hours.

The Dell Inspiron 15 5579 is not much better. Simple Web surfing would give you up to 7 hours and 15 minutes of battery, still a tad shy of a full workday. With heavy use, the battery will give you less than two hours of battery juice.

Rundown of Dell Inspiron 15 Models

There are presently several Dell Inspiron 15 models available, representing the best home use laptops that the company can offer. Dell names their devices according to the product line, such as the Inspiron, Latitude, and Vostro.

Then they add the screen size and then the series. When you say Dell Inspiron 15, this includes all the devices under the Inspiron line with a 15.6-inch display.





No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series Flagship High Performance 15.6'...

Buy on Amazon

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Series

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series Gaming Edition 7567 15.6-Inch Full HD...

Buy on Amazon

Acer Predator 15 G9-593-71EH

Acer Predator 15 Gaming Laptop, Core i7, GeForce GTX 1070, 15.6' Full...

Buy on Amazon

Lenovo ThinkPad T480s

Lenovo ThinkPad T480 14' HD Business Laptop (Intel 8th Gen Quad-Core...

Buy on Amazon

No products found.

No products found.

The Dell 15 3000 currently has four different models all weighing as little as less than five pounds. It comes with a 15.6-inch, 768-pixel display, and a Windows 10 Pro as the operating system. All models come with a tray load DVD drive, a 12-month free subscription to McAfee Small Business Security, a 30-day Trial to Microsoft Office, and a Kensington lock slot, media card slot, and standard spill-resistant keyboard.

Prices for this series range from $340 to $400. Depending on the model, and you can get 500GB or 1TB storage, and 4GB or 8GB memory. You also have a choice among different Intel processors: Celeron, i3, or i5.

You would love the sturdy construction of the Dell 15 3000 Series. With the anti-spill keyboard, you can drink your coffee in peace as you work on that spreadsheet. It uses Wave MaxxAudio technology to help you better enjoy your videos and music.

You would also love that the Inspiron 15 3000 still has a DVD drive, which allows you to get additional storage.

What could be better?

The display resolution is a bit disappointing. It has accurate colors due to its TrueLife display technology, but it lacks sharpness and vividness, making things look a bit dull.

The Dell 15 3000 also has models with Intel Celeron as the processor. Sure, this makes things affordable, but it can prove to be quite slow.

This shows in the Amazon customer reviews where the Celeron version had the lowest rating:

  • 4.0 out of 5.0 stars for the Dell Inspiron 15 3567
  • 2.7 out of 5.0 stars for the Inspiron 15 with a Celeron processor
  • 3.5 out of 5.0 stars for the Dell Inspiron i3567-5664BLK-PUS

What is more, you have bottom firing loudspeakers, which would make sound quality terrible if you place your laptop on the table, which would cover the speakers. The consolation is that it has a headphone jack and the audio quality on headsets are quite impressive.

Furthermore, Dell bundles the Microsoft Office and McAfee security software into the price, and you can only use both for a limited time. It would have been better if you could opt not to have these pre-installed, especially if you already prefer other office productivity or security suites.




From $340 to $400

No products found.

No products found.

There are currently four models using Intel processors: the 5565, 5566, 5567, and the 5570. On top of that, the Series 5000 also has varieties using AMD processors and two 2-in-1 models. 

You can choose from a 7th or 8th generation Intel i5 or i7 processor and memory options include 8GB, 12GB, or 16GB. You can also select your desired storage from 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. Solid state drives are also available. Displays all measure 15.6 inches, and you can choose from either 720 pixels or 1080 pixels. The Series 5000 all have Windows 10 on board. 

Prices for these laptops cost from $570 to $600. The Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series gets more or less favorable scores from customers who buy them on Amazon. Selected ratings for the 5000 Series: 

  1. 3.4 out of 5.0 stars for the Dell Inspiron 15 5566 
  2. 4.1 out of 5.0 stars for Inspiron 15 5575 
  3. 3.9 out of 5.0 stars for Inspiron 15 5570 

These laptops are suitable for everyday office work. If you need to work on that spreadsheet or document, then you would have no problems with Series 5000 models. However, like the rest of Dell laptops, the Series 5000 also comes with Windows 10, trial versions of both Microsoft Office and McAfee, and a significant amount of bloatware.

If you prefer to use Ubuntu or other operating systems, there is no way to get that out of the box, and you will have to do the switch over yourself. Even if you plan to use Windows 10, getting rid of the bloatware will take some time.


  • Core i7 processor


  • Middling battery life




From $550 to $600

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series

The Dell Inspiron 15 7000 laptops come with a casing that has both magnesium alloy and brushed aluminum, giving it a sturdy build and eye-catching looks. The Inspiron 15 7000 is also thoughtfully designed, with its InfinityEdge styling cutting the edges of the laptop. These laptops feature a 15.6-inch 1920 by 1080 pixel monitor, giving you full HD videos. 

The Series 7000 has Windows 10 pre-installed. It also allows you to choose between a silver or gold casing. You have the option to have a 250GB solid state drive, 500GB or 1TB storage, and either a 4GB or 8GB memory. Prices for the Intel versions range from $790 to $950. The 2-in-1 versions have price tags ranging from $840 to $1,050, and the special 2-in-1 editions start at $1,350 upwards. 

At its price range, the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series still does not have Thunderbolt ports. It does, however, have all the usual ports you would expect from a laptop, as well as an SD card reader. Battery life could be better. Even on standby mode, Dell Inspiron 15 7000 delivers only up to four hours and 40 minutes of runtime. That goes down to around 80 minutes when you are using it with maximum brightness.


While it may not be perfect, you should still consider the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series if you are looking for a laptop with superior performance. You cannot go wrong with the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series with its 8th generation Pentium i5 or i7 processor, which guarantees speedy performance and maximum responsiveness.

Incidentally, the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 has a rating of 3.8 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. The Series 7000 laptops are fast. It is what you would expect with an Intel i7 processor with 8GB of memory on board.

You can use this laptop for office work as well as to edit and create videos and images. However, it might not be a good idea to use it for gaming. For this reason, Dell had to come out with a gaming version for the Series 7000 Inspiron.


  • ​Solid gaming performance


  • Limited display viewing angles




From $790 to $950

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Series

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series Gaming Edition 7567 15.6-Inch Full HD...
  • Powerful 7th-generation Intel Quad-Core i5-7300HQ 2. 50 GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to 3. 50 GHz
  • 8GB DDR4 2400MHz Memory, 1TB 5400 RPM hybrid hard drive with 8GB Cache
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 with 4GB GDDR5, Optical Drive not included, backlit keyboard

Because the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series is not ideal for gaming, the company came out with the Series 7000 Gaming laptop. 

The 7000 Gaming Series comes with a 7th generation Intel i5 quad-core processor coupled with NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, which makes it ready for even the most demanding games that are available now.

But it is not only for gamers. This laptop can handle any amount of workload you have. It still has the same problem with the battery. It just does not deliver that much running time even if fully charged.

However, because it is a gaming laptop, you might not want to lug it around with you because of its bulky weight. The Series 7000 Gaming has a starting price of $830 on the Dell online store, but it can go as high as $1250 on Walmart.com.

It currently has a 3.6 out of 5.0 stars rating on Amazon. If you have always wanted a gaming laptop that is easy on the budget, you should consider getting these!


  • ​Excellent gaming performance


  • Small arrow keys




From $830 to $1200

How Does It Compare to Its Competition?

The following are some of Dell’s competitors and how they stack up.

Acer Predator 15 G9-593-71EH

Acer Predator 15 Gaming Laptop, Core i7, GeForce GTX 1070, 15.6" Full...
  • 7th Generation Intel Core i7-7700HQ Processor (Up to 3.8GHz)
  • Display screen technology:ComfyView In-plane Switching (IPS) Technology.15.6" Full HD (1920 x 1080) widescreen IPS...
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 with 8 GB of dedicated GDDR5 VRAM

If you are looking for a gaming laptop similar to the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Series, you might want to check out the Acer Predator 15 G9-593-71EH.

It has top-notch graphics with Nvidia 980M on board, as well as extra cooling mechanisms to prevent overheating.

It also gives you a far better battery life than the Inspiron gaming laptop. With Predator, battery juice lasts close to six hours while streaming videos, at least double the battery juice you get from other gaming laptops. 

The Acer Predator 15 may prove to be expensive. It sells for around $1,650 to $1,700 on Adorama. However, customers on Amazon did give it a 3.5 out of 5.0 stars rating, which signals that it might be worth every cent!


  • ​Good IPS display with GSync


  • Slight GPU throttling extreme situations




From $1650 upwards

Lenovo ThinkPad T480s

If you are looking for a solid laptop that is affordable, durable, and dependable, then the Lenovo Thinkpad T480s is the way to go. The Lenovo Thinkpad brand is known for its durable line of laptops that are perfect for any type of setting, especially work settings. Whether you work in an office or travel remotely, your Lenovo Thinkpad will be up for the challenge. 

The Lenovo Thinkpad T480s has plenty of great features to offer users. For starters, it has the ideal storage capacity for every type of user. There is an Intel Core i7 – 8650U processor with a speed of 4.2 GHz and a 500GB solid state hard drive. This speed and storage capacity is what makes the Lenovo Thinkpad T480s one of the top laptops in its line.  The power that Lenovo is known for is present in the Lenovo Thinkpad T480s. 

You will also find all your standard features including the iconic fingerprint reader that many Thinkpads are known for. This gives you a secure assess to your laptop that can work in conjunction with your password or in place of it. Other connectivity features you can look forward to include the built in HD 720p webcam and the dual noise canceling integrated microphone. Users will also appreciate the standard Intel dual band wireless 8265 AC with Bluetooth 4.1 that can connect to the latest Bluetooth speakers and devices. 

Connecting your external storage units to the Lenovo Thinkpad T480s is just as easy as well. One of the most convenient features is the four in one SD card reader that allows you to connect your choice of MMC, SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards. If you are a photographer and rely on SD cards regularly, you never have to worry about whether or not your card is compatible with this port. When it comes to USB ports, you will find that there are two 3.1 USB ports as well. 

Connecting your Lenovo Thinkpad T480s to other visual devices is more than possible as well with all your port options. You can look forward to connecting your laptop to displays using the Intel Thunderbolt 3 port and the DHMI 1.4b port. There is also a LAN port, and a docking connection as well. 

The display of the Lenovo Thinkpad T480s is also ideal as well. You can look forward to an exceptional 14 inch full HD screen that displays 1920 x 1080. The screen is enhanced with its anti-glare matte display technology and its integrated Intel UHD graphics. You will also find that the ThinkPad precision backlit keyboard is ideal for working in even lowlight settings. 

The processor speed of 4.2 GHz is what makes the Lenovo Thinkpad T480s one of the best options to go with in terms of quality laptop computers. For users who are in need of a high demand computer that can serve them in any capacity, the Lenovo Thinkpad T480s is an ideal option to go with. 

The only drawback of the Lenovo Thinkpad T480s is in terms of its price point. when it comes to the price point, it is one of the most expensive laptops in the Lenovo Thinkpad line. The high price point of the Lenovo Thinkpad T480s is primarily due to its high processing power and storage capacity. For users who need a computer that performs at more than optimal speeds, the price point may not be a huge drawback.


  • Reasonably light for a desktop-replacement


  • High Price Point




$1000 to $1500

The Dell Inspiron 15 is a Solid Laptop

The Dell Inspiron 15 has a wide variety of models that would give you the right laptop for your needs. You might want to forego on the older 3000 Series models if the price is not a factor in your decision. 

You cannot go wrong with the 5000 Series if you only need a laptop for word processing and other usual office stuff. However, if you need something with more power, you can get the latest 7000 Series models.

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