Nzxt H440 Review and Essential Information

If you are building your own computer, a computer case is one of the first things you will need. It houses every other piece of the computer, gives it a particular look, and determines what components you can include in your computer. A good case provides protection for the computer components and keeps them cool. It also organizes them in a way that make them easily accessible through ports, such as the USB port. We looked at the NZXT H440 compared to three other computer cases to help you get started on your search for the right computer case.

What Is the NZXT H440?

The NZXT H440 is a mid-tower case from the NZXT brand. NZXT is a company founded by gamers who make PC parts geared toward gamers who want to build great computers for top-notch gaming experiences. The H440 is one of several cases they make to meet different needs. It works, like all computer cases, to provide protection from dust, liquids, animals, and anything else that could damage the important parts of a computer.

Another function of the computer case is noise reduction. Some parts of a computer can be pretty loud, and the case contains the noise so it won’t be as disturbing. One of the most important things a computer case does is provide organization. Can you imagine having every piece of a computer sitting out on your desk? It would be a mess. That’s why all of the equipment is mounted and arranged inside a case with convenience, functionality, and style in mind.

Product Specs

The NZXT H440 case has a very modern and sleek look. It comes in two colors—white with black accents or black with red accents—and both look very nice. Due to evolving technology and changing needs and preferences, this computer case does not support 5.25-inch optical drives. NZXT recognized the diminishing need for these optical drives and decided to make better use of the space. In the event that you do need an optical drive, you can connect an external drive, which will get the job done sufficiently well.


One major appeal of this case is the clean organization inside. There is a place for every part, and it is cleanly compartmentalized: so this is a good choice for someone who cares a lot about keeping things tidy. This case also has a noise dampening feature which makes it much quieter than most competitors.

Unlike many cases which include buttons and ports on the front of the case, the NZXT H440’s four USB ports, audio connectors, and power and reset buttons are on the top of the case. This can be convenient, but in some cases it could cause an issue with accessibility. For instance, some desks provide tight compartments for computer towers, which might not be tall enough to provide great access to these ports. 

The viewing window is conveniently placed so that all of the most appealing parts of the computer can be seen. There is a space at the bottom that hides unsightly parts and wires if needed, and if you have a large CPU fan, you can really achieve the full visual impact due to the placement of the window and compartments. For added function and aesthetics, there are a number of LED lights in the case as well.

Fans and Cooling

The front of the NZXT H440 is equipped with three case fans which can be either 12 or 14 cm. Due to the exclusion of the 5.25-inch optical drives, there is room to space out the hard disks more than usual, and the top fan is level with the CPU cooler. Both of these changes mean the NZXT H440 does a great job at keeping the computer components cool. The case also includes a 14 cm fan in the rear and enough power connectors for a total of 10 fans; so you can add six more yourself if needed. You could also choose to install radiators instead of fans.


Due to its organized design, the PSU is very easy to install. Routing your cables is also very easy due to the abundance of openings available for cable routing. The sound dampening material makes the space a little bit tight for the PSU cables, but this is easily solved with the included cable clips. Overall, assembly was easy for each component of the NZXT H440.


You can purchase the NZXT H440 for around $150 to $200 from Amazon, B&H Photo Video, or other electronics and PC parts retailers.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • Corsair Obsidian 1000D
  • Fractal Design Meshify-C
  • Nanoxia Deep Silence 4
NZXT H440 White Midi Tower Gaming Case - USB 3.0
  • Include 4x FNv2 case fans: 3x 120mm in front and 1x 140mm in rear
  • 5mm thick closed-cell sound dampening material
  • Effortless cable management capabilities

Ease of Use

Everything about this case was easy to assemble. Cable organization was quick and easy, and the result was a very organized and clean looking case.

Temperature and Noise Control

This case does a good job at controlling the temperature due to the direct path of airflow and ability to install up to 10 fans. There is a good amount of noise reduction. The case does not silence all noises, but it does exceptionally well with high frequency noises, which are the more annoying sounds.

Design Quality

This case is beautifully designed. Not only does it look sleek and modern on the outside, but the way the compartments are organized was well thought through. Though some may disagree with the decision to eliminate the 5.25-inch bays, it made room for additional parts and functionality which we think is more valuable.


The NZXT H440 includes a two-year warranty for parts and labor.


  • ​Great organization
  • ​Sleek, modern look
  • ​Good temperature control and noise reduction
  • Space for up to 10 fans


  • Some people may be disappointed by a lack of 5.25-inch optical drive bays
  • Location of buttons and ports may be a con for some

Corsair OBSIDIAN 1000D Super-Tower Case, Smoked Tempered Glass,...
  • Iconic and clean exterior lines, smoked tempered glass side doors and seamlessly integrated RGB lighting.
  • Integrated CORSAIR COMMANDER PRO fan and lighting controller.
  • Dual-system layout lets you install both an E-ATX and Mini-ITX system simultaneously.

The Corsair Obsidian 1000D is a top notch computer case. It is a dual system case, meaning it can hold two complete computers. This is great for gamers who want one PC for gaming and another for other purposes. You could even stream and game at the same time. The case manages to keep both computers’ components cool with up to 18 fans and 4 radiators. It is one of the most efficient cases when it comes to temperature control.

The smoked tempered glass is a beautiful and high end design. The entire case is made from the tempered glass, so you can see everything in there. The RGB LED lights are both modern and fun. The buttons and inputs are located on the top of the case, but they are on a ledge that is slightly lower than the top so they are easy to access.

Inside, the triple-chamber design ensures that your components will be well organized, and the design of this case makes that a simple achievement.

Ease of Use

This case is easy to use and has an intuitive design that makes organization simple. The fact that it houses two full PCs does mean that more expertise may be required in order to build two computers and organize their components in the same tower.

Temperature and Noise Control

The Obsidian is one of the best when it comes to temperature control. It can handle up to 18 fans and 4 radiators simultaneously. Noise control is not a main feature of this case, and the fact that it houses two PCs may make it a little bit noisier.

Design Quality

The design of this case is both functional and beautiful. The aesthetics alone might make you want it, but the features and organization add to its appeal as well.


This case includes a two-year limited warranty.


  • ​Superior temperature control
  • ​Holds two complete computers
  • ​Smoked tempered glass is unique and beautiful


  • Very expensive
  • May be noisier than some others
  • Not a good choice if you only want to build one computer

Fractal Design Meshify Mini C Tempered Glass
  • Streamlined high-airflow design: the performance and capacity of a larger tower in a remarkably compact Mid-tower size
  • Distinctive new styling with stealthy black-on-black aesthetic: designed angular mesh front panel maximizes air intake...
  • Flexible storage options: room for up to 5 drives with sturdy steel drive trays with vibration-dampening rubber grommets...

If you are just getting into the world of computer building and want to start with something affordable, this may be right for you. This case is made with mesh material which is really unique and provides great airflow. The sides are made of dark glass which give it a sleek look. The Fractal Design Meshify-C does an excellent job with cooling, this is one of its most prominent features, and it comes with two fans pre-installed.

Since it is a lower quality case, the cable management doesn’t compare to that seen in other cases, and the USB cable at the front is too short. These design issues are something to consider, but the low price compensates. The dust filter on the PSU can also be difficult to remove for cleaning or replacement.

Ease of Use

This case is fairly easy to use and has a lot of space for a compact case. The dust filter on the PSU can be hard to remove, though, and the cable management is not great.

Temperature and Noise Control

Temperature control is the main feature of this case, which has great airflow due to the mesh design. This case does a wonderful job at cooling. Noise control is not a high point for this case.

Design Quality

The design of this case was specifically aimed at efficient cooling, and the case accomplishes that purpose; however, some other factors were not as well designed, such as cable management, noise control, and the ease of use.


There is a-two year parts warranty on this case.


  • ​Low price
  • ​Unique design with mesh material
  • ​Excellent cooling


  • Dust filter on PSU is hard to remove
  • Cable management is not great
  • Front USB cable is too short

Deep Silence 4 Mini Tower M-ATX Case for Compact PC with Space For...
  • A mini tower for compact and silent performance systems, with modular drive cages and space for full size components;...
  • Silent PC case with thicker than normal metalwork, dense sound dampening materials, rubber vibration isolators, and...
  • Space for full size GPU (with 2 of 3 HDD cages can be removed for installation of the largest and most powerful graphics...

The Nanoxia Deep Silence 4 is an affordable case with great noise reduction, as illustrated by the name. This is accomplished by combining four types of noise reduction techniques: thick metal framework, dense materials for sound dampening, insulated drive doors, and rubber vibration isolators. This case almost renders the computer completely silent.

It has plenty of space inside and can house even larger graphics cards and uses a modular design to keep things organized. Air flow and noise level can be balanced to meet your needs, so you an allow more noise if you want to alter the air flow for any reason.

Ease of Use

This case is very basic and easy to use. The compartmentalization makes installation simple and intuitive.

Temperature and Noise Control

When it comes to noise reduction, this case is the best we looked at. The temperature control is not a highlight of this case.

Design Quality

The Deep Silence 4 was designed to be extremely quiet and it does accomplish that goal. As far as the aesthetics, the case looks relatively basic and there aren’t a lot of added features.


The Deep Silence 4 has a one-year limited warranty.


  • ​Good noise control
  • ​Affordable
  • ​Meets basic needs


  • Not a lot of added features
  • Temperature control is not a priority
  • Basic design aesthetics


The NZXT H440 is a very affordable computer case that functions at a high level. It provides great features, a modern and beautiful aesthetic, and good noise and temperature control. We would recommend it whether you are new or experienced with building computers. Overall, we give it 4 out of 5 stars.


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