Adding VARIDESK Sit-Stand Desks to Your Home or Office

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The standing desk, VARIDESK is a great way to stay healthy and increase mobility throughout your workday. Check out this article if it is worth your money.

Those sitting behind an office desk all day know how easy it is to become stagnant at work. Lower back pain, immobility, and lack of circulation are a few issues people have when they sit all day long. The sit-stand desks sold by the company, offer office workers a wide range of mobility options.

Sitting all day long, no matter how great your chair is, can be tough on your body. The mobility range of the desk means workers can move during the workday. They don't have to sit behind the desk for an eight to ten-hour shift, shifting over an over again to try to relax.

Increasing mobility has many benefits. Not only healthwise, but also in helping you think, work, and interact with co-workers throughout the day.

Benefits of a Sit-Stand Desk at Work and Home

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Sitting all day at work is horrible. It causes compression to the discs and spine. Apart from this, standing helps increase mobility. They help minimize the risk of obesity and workers becoming overweight because of an inactive lifestyle. Studies indicate that standing and being active, helps increase an individual's lifespan.

Standing desks, like VARIDESK, can help improve work production levels. Employees have more energy and are more productive. It also allows for free flow and energy transfer. Employees can interact with co-workers, helping better improve office dynamics.

Gemmy Industries, which has been in business since 1984, is the company behind VARIDESK. The company began production on the adjustable desks in 2012. The desk made its debut in 2013 at Neocon in Chicago, IL. VARIDESK LLC became a company soon after, in 2013. The company is today the largest manufacturer of sit-stand desks in the world.

The company has won numerous awards for its quality products. Some prizes include:

  • SMU Cox Dallas No 1 Entrepreneurial Company in Dallas Area, 2016
  • New Products Building Innovations Magazine 2015
  • Best of Neocon, 2013
  • Award for Design Excellence - 2014 Design Journal

Those are just a few of the awards.

Assembly, Returns, and Warranties

VARIDESK products are nearly ready to use out of the box. They only require a small amount of setup by the new owner upon arrival. The Prodesk 60 Electric Desk, is one of the few models which requires assembly.

And, the process doesn't take longer than 30-60 minutes to put together. Most of the desks in the series are ready for use upon delivery.The company also stands behind the products with a 30-day, no questions asked, 100 percent money back guarantee.

They arrange and pay for pickup, so customers do not pay handling fees. VARIDESK sends customers a box free of charge and does not charge restocking fees either upon receiving product returns.

All products customers buy after March 2, 2018, have standard warranties. For example, the Quick Pro desk series has a 10-year warranty. Converters for standard desks come with 5-year warranties. Compact series, accessories, and seating, all have a 1-year warranty policy.

How We Reviewed VARIDESK Products

When reviewing products in the VARIDESK family, we consider several variables. The design of the desk, electronic components, and the intended use are some factors.

We also consider office size and the number of office personnel who'll use the product in our review. In some settings, a larger desk model, rather than the traditional sit-stand desk is appropriate. We also consider the average pricing of the models, to help customers choose the right model.

Where to Buy VARIDESK and Average Prices

VARIDESK manual and electric desks are available through the company website. Sites like Amazon, and office supply stores like Office Depot also carry the products. 

Prices also vary depending on the VARIDESK model consumers purchase. VARIDESK models average between $350 for lower-end models, to close to $1,000 for full desk models. Depending on the model and size of the adjustment base, price differentials exist between several models in the series.

VARIDESK Product Line

VARIDESK products come in electric and manual varieties. Depending on budget and utilization, the VARIDESK model offices purchase will differ for every setting. These are the available desk varieties available through VARIDESK.

VariDesk Pro Plus 36 by Vari – Dual Monitor Standing Desk Converter...
  • 2 Spacious Tiers: Offers a large workspace with an upper tier (36” x 12.25”) for up to 2 monitors, a laptop, and a...
  • Ergonomic Movement: Our special rowing-lift raising mechanism with its up-and-back movement allows you to use the power...
  • Quality: Built with a heavy, weighted base and high-quality materials so it remains sturdy and stable at any of its 11...

This series of VARIDESK sit-stand desks are available in three sizes, 30 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inches. It is also rectangular, with the top-section meant to hold monitors and a tray for keyboards. Owners can adjust the stand in 11 different positions.

The desk does not require any assembly and is ready for use immediately. It is easy to adjust and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee policy. The weight capacity is either 35-pound or 45 pounds, depending on which size desk consumers buy.

The desk system does not feature an infinite position lock. When sitting it also raises the keyboard height which makes it somewhat uncomfortable for use. Some users complain it offers limits in adjustment ranges.

Prices for the Varidesk Pro Series is between $395 to $400. This price point depends on the desk size chosen. Average reviews on Amazon are 4.8 out of 5-stars.


  • ​​Sturdy and helps with mobility


  • Adjusting it is noisy




$395 to $400

This model is similar to the Pro Series, only it features an electric motor system. This design also makes it easier to adjust the desk to an appropriate position seamlessly. 

It is the first product in the electronic series of VARIDESK products. A digital number display goes from 1-100, allowing owners to adjust the desk height accordingly. The motor in the product is a standard DC motor with a power adapter. 

The monitor stand is significant in size and is a rectangular shape. The electric model of this desk is only available in the 36-inch desk variety. The push-button height adjustment system is easy to maneuver.

It allows users to quickly adjust the desk, to eye-level, or a comfortable position when standing. The design of the desk doesn't feature an overly large cut-out section.

This design style creates an ergonomic base, making the desk extremely versatile in an office setting or home office. It also has a 30-day money back guarantee, and this desk does feature the infinite lock feature. 

One of the major complaints is the slow and inconsistent speeds of adjusting this desk model. Although it is easy to change, it seems each time owners do so; it is at a variable rate. It also raises the minimum keyboard height while sitting.

Some reviewers indicate this creates an uncomfortable working position when utilizing the desk for long periods of time. Some complain it is not ergonomic when sitting and working at the desk station. 

The price for this desk is $500 to $600. Average reviews for the Electric series desk are 4.9 out of 5-stars by Amazon reviewers.


  • ​The up/down button has a digital display that tells you the position 0-80


  •  Some buyers  suggest getting a mat to stand on




$500 to $600

VariDesk Tall 40 by Vari – Taller Height Adjustable Standing Desk...
  • Tall Desk Converter: Designed to accommodate people 6'1" or taller
  • Simple: This desk was created to pop out of the box and onto your work surface. You’ll be up and working more...
  • Quality: Built with a heavy, weighted base and high-quality materials so it remains sturdy and stable at any of its 9...

This desk is ergonomic. It allows users up to 6-feet 7-inches in height, to adjust to the best height settings. It has a double z-shape base similar to the Pro Series line. 

Users control the monitor base by two adjustments knobs on either side. Doing this makes it easy to adjust height settings for sitting and standing with the twist of a dial.

The desk features nine different height adjustment options as well. 

Consumers like that the desk is ready to use and requires no assembly. It also comes with the 30-day money back guarantee.

It has an enormous task space for working. This space allows owners to use it to hold the monitor. Additionally, there are small compartments for storage, similar to those on a traditional desk.

The large rectangular design can hold larger monitor sizes and shapes as well. 

One complaint about this desk series is the keyboard slot. Although there is a sliding section for keyboards and a mouse, it is smaller than the Pro Series desks.

The price is high, and the desk does not feature an infinite lock position. Some reviewers complain that the stability of the desk when standing isn't very sturdy. It features a dual-monitor stand.

However, it can only hold 35 pounds on the monitor top. The desk sells for between $560 and $650. It has excellent reviews by Amazon reviewers with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating.


  • ​It took some setup to get the monitors at the right height and the cables routed to allow the desk to rise, but once that's done it's quite easy to switch between sitting and standing


  • Limited room for mouse and keyboard




$560 and $650

VariDesk Laptop 30 - Height Adjustable Portable Standing Desk for...
  • Space-Saving Design: Our most compact standing solution, the Laptop 30, boasts 30 inches of a single-surface workspace....
  • Scissor-Lift Movement: With its 9 height settings, it’s easy to choose a height between 1.25” and 15” off your...
  • Quality: We built the Laptop 30 with high-quality materials while maintaining its lightweight frame. To minimize pinch...

For those who own laptops and tablets, a Compact series is an excellent option by VARIDESK. It features a single platform for notebooks with sloping front and back design. 

The base is an x-shape design, featuring nine different adjustment positions. The layout for this product is for small workspaces and laptop use. To adjust the height, owners hold the two knobs on either side to adapt to the desired set level. 

The VARIDESK uses adjustment springs in the design. This adaptability design ensures smooth mobility and structural integrity once the owner sets the height. The desk collapses to a thin, 1.25-inch size which is compact and easy to store.

It is only 15 pounds in weight, so it is also easy to take to different worksites and stations. The desk doesn't have the infinite lock position. Some also complain it is not ergonomic and is somewhat uncomfortable to use in a standing position.

Limited height settings and a shorter warranty than other products are also complaints consumers note in their reviews. The price for this system is from $175 to $200. Reviewers rate the model with 4.6 out of 5-stars on Amazon.


  • ​Compact, lightweight design


  • Will break under the slightest bit of pressure on the desktop




$175 to $200

For those who want a full desk, the company also manufactures an electric 60-inch desk. It is 60 inches wide, and the depth is 30 inches. The standing desk does require some assembly. However, it is quick and easy to complete. 

It has a standing programmable button, and adjustment ranges from 25.5 inches to 50.5 inches in height. The desk comes with some accessories including a wire management tray. This feature is great for keeping paperwork organized during the workday.

It comes with a 5-year warranty, and the programmable switch comes with the purchase. Solid legs and a broad adjustment range, are some features owners appreciate with this full-desk model. 

Some of the cons include the high price-tag for this desk. It is currently the only full desk model available by VARIDESK. Therefore, consumers don't have much variety when choosing a full-desk from the company. 

The desk also has an exposed worm drive, and 3D printed upper glides. Some consumers complain about some components of the desk are of lower-quality material finishes. 

For the price, consumers would expect more beautiful finishes and detail. The Pro 60 Desk is about $995 to $1050. Amazon reviewers give this desk 5 out of 5-stars.


  • ​Steel stability crossbar for maximum strength


  • Limited room for mouse and keyboard




$995 to $1050

No products found.

No products found.

The Cube Corner series features a dual-monitor design. It has the z-shape base with spring, making it easy to adjust to the perfect height for standing and sitting. There are 36-inch and 48-inch varieties available in this series. 

It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and the desk doesn't require assembly. It also has a cubicle for keyboard and mouse. For tapered back desk settings, this is a great option when choosing a sit-stand desk.

It also fits comfortably into smaller corners and has an ergonomic design. It adjusts seamlessly to the specific settings each user wants. The height setting options also help create a great balance in the office throughout the day.

The desk does not have an infinite lock mechanism. Some consumers also complain it doesn't feature a dual-ergonomic design like Pro Series models. The desk features limits on adjustment range, and the keyboard height is awkward in a sitting position. 

The price for this model varies based on the size. Its price is between $500 to $600. Amazon reviewers give this desk a rating of 4.5 out of 5-stars.


  • ​Fits most cubicle systems


  • Bit overpriced 




$500 to $600

Our Verdict: The Best VARIDESK Model Available

VARIDESK is a pioneer in the sit-stand desk industry. The company's focus on creating a mobile, active workplace, along with innovative technologies, provides several great desks for consumers. For those who want to enhance the workplace environment, a sit-stand desk is a great option. 

For individuals looking for an adjustment frame, the Pro Series is the top item. The desk is also available in three different sizes; it features the monitor and pull-out keyboard/mouse tray. It has the ergonomic design. This design makes it easy for workers to adjust to working in both sitting and standing positions easily.

The Pro Series also has excellent reviews, indicating the quality construction. It is affordable, and the three size options, allows consumers to find the perfect fit, even for tight spaces. 

For those shopping for a new desk, there is only one option in the Pro 60 Full-Desk model. Although it is expensive, it also features a large adjustment base. The desk adjusts quickly and features additional accessories, including the paper tray, for storage. 

The larger size also allows more than one employee to work in the space at once. So, for collaborative work environments, it might be worth the higher price to invest in this desk. 

Since multiple workers can use it at the same time, it might be worth the higher price. The desk also has a 5-year warranty so that consumers can rely on the quality of the VARIDESK model.

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